Welcome to our site! We hope it will provide you with some information regarding our MOMS Club® Chapter.


 The MOMS Club® (MOMS Offering Moms Support®) is a non-profit support group, specifically aimed at meeting the needs of mothers who choose to stay at home with their children. This includes those who work out of their homes and those who work part-time. We even have some moms who work full-time and participate on their days off or during their summer break.


Our chapter has many activities in which to participate:

*monthly meetings with occassional speakers and discussions              *park play days * holiday parties * family days * recipe club                 *Moms night out   *age appropriate play groups  *lunch dates               *and other activity groups tailored to our members' interests.          In addition we help local moms and children through various service projects.

We believe that staying home to raise children is a fulfilling full-time job; perhaps the most important job any mother can choose.  We also know the daily challenges that stay-at-home mothers face, and offer support, friendship, and networking for moms, and social opportunities for children.

We meet during the day, when most at-home moms need support. Our goal is to help moms feel less isolated and more build friendships for both ourselves and our children that can last a lifetime!


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